Textchange - Exchange Books



The Textchange has been created by University students for University students,

and offers YOU the ability to seamlessly exchange your old textbooks for cash.


 Textchange provides a platform for you to buy the textbooks you require for

the upcoming semester without leaving the couch.


You pay enough to the Universities through academic fees, parking and “amenities”

 fees so why put up with it when there is a cheaper and simpler alternative.

About Textchange


If you’re a student looking for a little extra cash, this app is perfect for you!

University secondhand bookstores can take up to 55% of the sale price just for simply providing a

platform to sell your textbook, leaving YOU out of pocket.


Not only does the Textchange app save you money, but saves you the time and hassle

associated with selling your textbooks in the current fashion.


By downloading the FREE Textchange App on either your Apple or Android device, you can

turn those unwanted textbooks into money for everything students spend money on (noodles and alcohol).


If you’re interested in making money and have textbooks that need selling, or require textbooks

for the upcoming semester, then Textchange is the App for you!

How it Works

Buy and sell textbooks at your own convenience using the Textchange app!

Simply create an account, select whether you are looking to sell or buy a textbook,

and search the forum to see what’s on offer.



Select to sell a textbook, and use the inbuilt scanner to upload the required textbook information.

After the book information is accurately uploaded, name your sale price and the item is posted for sale on our billboard!



What differentiates us from alternate ways of exchanging textbooks (apart from saving you money),

is that filters are used in your search for a textbook. When buying a textbook, search for a seller from

your specified University (or any location Australia-wide if you’re desperate!) to make an easy exchange

and to ensure that you’re getting the appropriate book as required by your course.

Simply fill in the filters as specific as you like, search for textbooks for sale,

and you’re on your way to purchasing your new book!

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